Famous Labradors: FC-AFC Land Ahoy “Pirate”

Pirate was one of the all-time great Labrador Retrievers with 174.5 All-Age field trial points. He had 12 open wins, 6 amateur wins, qualified for 6 National Amateur Retriever Championships, and was a finalist 3 times. He also qualified for 5 National Retriever Championships. In 2009, Pirate was the High Point Open Dog. Pirate

Pirate was born 5/1/2003 (FC Fargo II ex FC Cudashudabena Playgirl). He had 32 derby points and 5 derby wins. He was qualified all age (QAA) by the age of 2 years and achieved his field champion (FC) and amateur field champion (AFC) titles while still 3 years old.

FC-AFC Land Ahoy “Pirate” (Facebook)

Pirate competed in over 200 open stake field trials, amassing an impressive 0.5 points per start, with 1.1 points per start at his peak in 2009. He had 12 open wins, 36 open places, and 87 open finishes. His desirable traits have readily passed on to his offspring, and he has sired 11 field champions (FC), 5 amateur field champions (AFC), 10 Master National Hunters (MNH), 71 Master Hunter’s (MH) and 58 dogs that have qualified all age (QAA).

Pirate was owned and amateur handled by Gary Zellner. He was trained and professionally handled by Jerry and Jane Patopea at Utopia Retriever Kennels.

Jerry Patopea and “Pirate;” Source: utopiaretrieverkennel.com