Recommended Retriever Resources 1024 678 River Road Retrievers

Recommended Retriever Resources

Retriever Training Amite River Hunting Retriever Club Index of ArticlesMike Lardy – Total Retriever TrainingMike Lardy Training Tips (Archive)Danny Farmer – Training TipsFarmer-Lardy Workshop Video Field Trial and Hunt Test Results Puppy Care & Training Early Neurologic Stimulation and Socialization ( Neurologic Stimulation (Purdue Veterinary Medicine)

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Crate Training 1024 683 River Road Retrievers

Crate Training

Dogs by nature are denning animals, therefore den-like settings tend to have a calming effect. Crate training works both as a housetraining tool, as well as a means to teach your pup other house rules. Since dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom where they sleep, the act of crate training essentially teaches the…

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