Recommended Retriever Resources 1024 678 River Road Retrievers

Recommended Retriever Resources

Retriever Training Amite River Hunting Retriever Club Index of ArticlesMike Lardy – Total Retriever TrainingMike Lardy Training Tips (Archive)Danny Farmer – Training TipsFarmer-Lardy Workshop Video Field Trial and Hunt Test Results Puppy Care & Training Early Neurologic Stimulation and Socialization ( Neurologic Stimulation (Purdue Veterinary Medicine)

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Labrador Retriever History Part 1 – Are Labradors Really from Labrador? 1024 564 River Road Retrievers

Labrador Retriever History Part 1 – Are Labradors Really from Labrador?

The modern Labrador Retriever has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, dog breeds of all time. Labrador retrievers have become ubiquitous in modern society and serve a variety of roles as working dogs, companions, and pets. Their willingness to please, intelligence, athleticism, and general hardiness have become universally accepted as…

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Crate Training 1024 683 River Road Retrievers

Crate Training

Dogs by nature are denning animals, therefore den-like settings tend to have a calming effect. Crate training works both as a housetraining tool, as well as a means to teach your pup other house rules. Since dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom where they sleep, the act of crate training essentially teaches the…

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What Makes a Dual Champion Retriever? 1024 789 River Road Retrievers
dual champion labrador retriever

What Makes a Dual Champion Retriever?

A dual champion in the retriever world refers to a dog who has received both his conformation champion (CH) and his field trial champion (FC). Dual champions are very rare, especially in the modern labrador retriever breed. Over the last several decades, the breeders have diverged into two separate types of labs. On one hand…

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